Hacked By Alarg53

You can, I can, We can!

How refreshing is that to read? "You can have them during your diet." My favorite craving foods are not forbidden! I CAN be smart about my diet and not feel like I'm not good enough for my diet. I could cry.

1741-cropIn fact, I just might do that out of joy. I'm not a horrible mother and wife for wanting to eat what I have a taste for at the time. I just want to cheer. I'm just a little ways through the program book, and I am continually seeking permission to be a human being. Acceptance and the permission and encouragement to be happy.

Total freedom to be human. That's the beauty of it all. I wish all those words were there back in the day when I started this program, but I survived it all anyhow! But such freedom. We can choose when to eat and when not to eat, what to eat, and how much. We get to own it and all the consequences fully. No one else will ever again own any of that for me.